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Understanding The Specialties And Sub Specialties Of Lawyers In Victoria BC

The first step towards finding the best lawyers in Victoria BC to represent you is understanding what type of lawyer you need. To accomplish this, you will need to understand both the specialties and sub specialties of these lawyers. Unfortunately, this can be much more difficult than it sounds. This is because, there are literally hundreds of different specialties and sub specialties within the legal profession. Luckily, the average person will only need to concern themselves with the five most commonly used specialties and sub specialties of lawyers in Victoria BC. Today, I would like to provide you with some basic information concerning these five specialties.

1. Criminal defense lawyers in Victoria BC

The specialty of criminal defense lawyers is to defend their clients against accusations that they have committed a criminal offense. This type of lawyer is typically required to appear in court several times a day on behalf of their different clients, and will often have extensive trial experience. As part of this specialty, there are also several sub specialties. For instance, there are criminal defense lawyers who choose to specialize in only one particular type of criminal case. This decision would constitute a criminal lawyer with a sub specialty. For example, a criminal lawyer who only handles capital cases.

2. Family law lawyers in Victoria BC

Family law lawyers typically operate only within the family court system. As a result, their cases generally include divorces, child custody and support hearing, adoption petitions, and juvenile justice cases. While these lawyers are capable of handling any family court case, this specialty is famous for its use of sub specialties. For instance, many family law lawyers will choose to only deal with divorce cases. Since these cases are available in such an abundance, there really is no reason for them to explore the need to take on other cases. For this reason, if you are in need of a family law lawyer it is important for you to identify whether or not they do in fact have a sub specialty.

3. Personal injury lawyers

Personal injury lawyers are responsible for seeking monetary compensation for people who are injured in a variety of different types of accidents. These lawyers typically represent individuals who have either been injured in a motor vehicle accident, been the victim of medical malpractice, or are attempting to collect workers compensation benefits after being injured on the job. If you have been injured in any way due to the negligence of another, this is the type of lawyer that you will want to hire.

4. Estate Lawyers

Estate lawyers are responsible for helping people get their legal affairs in order. For instance, the most common service provided by these lawyers is to draft and file a person’s will. These lawyers may also be able to act as the executor of your estate after you have passed on. This means that the lawyer will be responsible for ensuring that your personal property is disposed of according to your wishes. Most people will use this type of lawyer at least once in their lifetime.

5. Civil lawyers

Civil lawyers are available to help you pursue legal matters that are not of a criminal nature. For instance, if you wish to file a lawsuit against someone who has defrauded you out of money that is due to you, you would turn to a civil lawyer to pursue this matter. Generally speaking, any legal matter that would require the intervention of a civil court judge will be handled by a civil lawyer. There are also many sub specialties within this legal specialty so be sure to choose carefully when selecting a civil lawyer.