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The Wisdom of Speaking With a Drug Possession Lawyer Right After Arrest

Should it befall upon you that you are arrested with drugs in your possession, you need the assistance of a drug possession lawyer immediately. Even though you might have the drugs in your possession at the time of your arrest, it does not mean you will a guilty judgment. Do not plead guilty or even make a statement until you have first consulted with your attorney.

Consultation with a lawyer before the police or any other law enforcement agent can question you is your right as an American citizen. Do not give up this right. This is not to recommend interfering with the process, but rather it is a way to make sure the process is followed appropriately while maintaining your rights. Think of it this way, the arresting officer wants you to talk to them to help close the case. The reason is that they are experts at getting information out of you for a conviction. A conviction is high on their list of reasons for speaking with you.

Police officers have been known to use questionable tactics to get not only information they require, but also confessions out of suspect. It is best to be sensitive to such tactics. Remember you are only a suspect in the beginning. You are innocent until proven guilty. So remain quiet no matter how innocent the discussion with the arresting officer is and continue to ask to speak with your drug possession lawyer. It is important to remain kind and possibly make idle – but careful – conversation.

Sometimes an officer has been known to influence a suspect into making a confession by claiming that if the suspect does not confess to possession, the officer will file charges of drug possession with intent to sell. This is a tactic used to convince the suspect that time is running out. If something similar to this happens to you, then avoid accommodating the request until you have had a chance to speak with your drug poessesion lawyer. There is no need to help build a case against you.

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