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Reclaim Your Life By Engaging The Vacuum Law Of Prosperity

Its about this time of year that we begin to see the results of having planted some seeds in the spring. Some of our plants may just be peeking through while others are taller and more mature. If one were to just come upon a garden this time of year they might think how lucky the owner was to have such a fabulous garden.

They may even feel envious because their garden isnt any where near the quality of the garden they just saw.

They may even think its not fair that that person has such a marvelous garden while they have an inferior garden or maybe not have a garden at all and their plot of land is overgrown with all kinds of weeds.

It is impossible to reap fresh vegetables from a weed patch. And even if they did plant the seeds for fresh vegetables they neglected to continue to pull weeds and other unwanted vegetation from their garden.

This situation is very similar to someone who has not cleared the way for prosperity to show up in their life, or have cleared it only to have it fill up again before they got around to planting their seeds, or have planted their seeds but let the weeds take over.

They may even feel cheated, overwhelmed and unluckyand that is definitely losing pieces of your life. The only way to reclaim your life from that situation is to engage the Vacuum Law of Prosperity.

That means we need to clear out the dead and the old in order to make room for the already established to grow and flourish and have space for the new to be welcomed and nourished. We need to engage the Vacuum Law of Prosperity.

Basically, the vacuum law of prosperity is this: if you want greater good, greater prosperity in your life, start forming a vacuum to receive it! In other words, get rid of what you dont want to make room for what you do want. (Ponder, 1982)

This concept applies to all areas of our life, spiritual, mental and physical.

Intending to get rid of stuff is great but it is also necessary to take action in order to really create that vacuum. Taking the following steps can help you at least begin to create that vacuum in your life.

One: make a list of what needs to be gotten rid of.

Two: beside each item write how that item is to be gotten rid of (Ex. Given away, sold, trashed, etc.).

Three: beside each item write the name and the contact information of whoever you need to contact in order to complete the getting rid of.

Four: take at least one action each day toward getting rid of everything on your list.

As you get ride of what you dont want, make sure you are putting in their place what you do want. This includes not only new possessions when needed or wanted but also new ideas, attitudes, or behaviors.

Now look at the less tangible things in your live that may be clogging the flow of prosperity in your life. Are you holding on to anger, irritation, jealousy, vengeance or an attitude about something or someone? Forgiveness goes a long way in keeping the flow of prosperity in your life and thus enabling you to reclaim your prosperous life in an
empowering manner.

Letting go of the need to be right, the need to always be the center of attention, and the need to get even will go a long way in helping you reclaim that part of your life that has you live in peace, harmony and prosperity.

Patricia J. Honiotes, M.S.