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Paul Chehade – Symbolic rebuke to President Obama over immigration. Where are we heading What is our future

Paul Chehade – Symbolic rebuke to President Obama over immigration. Where are we heading? What is our future?

Emboldened House Republicans issued a stern but symbolic rebuke to President Barack Obama over immigration Thursday, passing a bill declaring his executive actions to curb deportations “null and void and without legal effect.” Paul Chehade.

Our nation has been traditionally headed by two political groups, the Democrats and the Republicans. In light of this political failure, what will the future bring to the American people and coming generations? What are the expectations to live a life with dignity and hope.

The Democrats and the Republicans have promised, politically and publicly, to serve the nation for decades, but the reality is that both of them after consecutive failures, only prove that they serve the powerful economic groups that for generations have drained the economy of our nation and have left our citizens in the most precarious and fragile economic situation in the American history.

In light of this political failure, what will the future bring to the American people and coming generations? What are the expectations to live a life with dignity and hope.

Without desire to deepen into the subject I would like to mention the pillars for the growth and strengthening of our society which are essential for the development of every human being: Food, health, housing and education.

In light of the economic crisis that our nation is confronting, mainly due to the bad administration of the last two governments, still today our President Obama is neglecting the fundamental issue of providing basic food supplies for the American people, especially for our children, the future of our nation, that are the most affected in this national crisis. We need to understand that the cost of food has increased almost 50 % in many cases and in other cases up to 100% in the last years. All of this without any real increase in salaries for the fortunate ones that still have the opportunity to work, and without counting the millions of unemployed that are suffering with anguish and despair because they have no means to cover the basic necessities for their families.

In the health area, our government has approved a new health law that in reality does not favor the majority of our citizens; the truth is that the working force of our nation, which is the middle class, is the one being punished with this law. As time has gone by, health for the inhabitants of our nation has become an unattainable luxury for the common citizens that do not count with the minimum economic means to afford the inflated costs of hospitals and medicines.

Regarding housing, it is a common knowledge that more than 1 million people will lose their homes this year, again as a consequence of the economic crisis provoked by the bad administration of our national resources. Under these conditions it will be even more difficult to survive.

Regarding education, consider that every human being requires the minimum conditions to develop, like been properly feed and live in the proper environment to have good health and a decent place to live in order to facilitate a good education. All these aspects are basic and essential for a good educative and professional formation.

I would like to mention that due to the reduction in the Budget, courses that are in the annual school system are being eliminated, as well as many educational centers are starting to reduce the number of teachers and personnel because they claim don’t have enough economic resources.

All the aspects mentioned are fundamental for any society to develop properly and it is very sad to see our nation that has always been the world’s example, submerge in this deep economic, social, moral and cultural crisis. We ask ourselves, what is our future, where we are heading if the leaders elected have not provided any real solution nor have they implemented any concrete measures to improve the quality of life in this country? Each day we see less and less opportunities for the new generations and the basic elements to live are almost inexistent. We now find ourselves in an uncertain future where our values are at high risk, values that were the fundamentals of our nation.

As an example of the lack of ethics during the year 2010 – 2014 in order to cover up the government deficiencies and the lack of decision of our government officials, they have played with the sentiments and necessities of our citizens, thinking that we do not know better, blaming the less fortunate, like the immigrants and other minorities, pretending to distract our attention from the real causes of the bad administration of our politicians who are the only ones to blame for the shortcomings that we are now facing. I wonder, why do we need to suffer and endure the consequences derived from the incapacity of our elected officials?

The true solution to the majority of our problems could be that our politicians would take real conscience that their salaries are paid by the people and should use all their time and energy to work for the benefit of all us, the people, and not for the groups that finance their electoral campaigns.

Keep always in mind that the power comes from the people and the government belongs to the people and that the President of our nation should serve every citizen without distinction of race, color or religion.

Equally, don’t ever forget that the White House represents the liberty and democracy of our nation, that was built by Afro-Americans like many of the houses and buildings were you live have been built by immigrants with or without documents, contributing to the development of this great nation.

With this I want to say that it is fundamental and an obligation that our government officials provide a worthy life to all the citizens of this great nation, without discriminating because everybody including the immigrants has contributed to the formation of our nation.

It is a lack of respect to the human intelligence and immoral to use the suffering of our people for electoral purposes, promising many things that will never be fulfilled. This is a direct treason to the voters and the nation that has believed in them and see their hopes and dreams get shattered by the unfulfilled promises.

Our nation needs Americans and Immigrants in one effort together to create jobs, give a better education to the children, facilities to go to Colleges / Universities and a dignity life to the old people.

Love and freedom form a fundamental duality in human life. One without the other soon becomes a disaster, as would be night without the day. The most important is respect the life, and every day we won’t do what is right is a day we are lose an option to protect our family, community and world.

In our nation we must require that all the citizens supervise the measures and actions taken by our elected officials and the government in general, that way we will prevent our nation from heading toward the cliff, reason why I repeat the question ” Were are we heading?”

Paul Chehade:.

Honor and Truth

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