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Law Enforcement versus Paralegal Studies

The two types of careers seem to have plenty of things in common, and the fact they both work to maintain and protect the law and to ensure all citizens are law abiding are reasons enough for plenty of people to join hands and become one of the chosen ones. These two careers have a wide spectrum of opportunities and wonderful outlooks that are prone to maintain their attractiveness for the years to come, according to the Unites States Department of Labor. Recession and financial hardships will never really eradicate the necessity to have these people around, and the fact that there is a 28% growth in the number of paralegals that are going to be needed to join the system by 2018, and a 10% increase in the number of police officers and detectives needed by 2018. These boosts in the demand for law enforcement and paralegal specialists come from the growth of the population. According to census.gov, some middle-series projections claim that the U.S. population is prone to boost up to 392 million by 2050. Returning to the types of degrees these two careers require, as well as the outcomes of their usage, we could say the following:
Paralegal studies degree, whether we are talking about a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree could help you become a reputable professional of one of the oldest jobs on U.S. soil. Law enforcement is also a genuine caterpillar of our society from ancient times, and without it our world would not be the same as we know it.
As a police officer, you could be entering a world of law and justice, and you could be bringing your huge contribution to maintaining peace and order in the streets and you could be looking at some truly amazing career opportunities. However, the risks are much higher, should you decide to work in law enforcement. Criminals and criminal acts will never be a matter of -if-, but rather a matter of -when-. Life and dead issues might arise, and you need a strong mind to work in this exciting field.
As a paralegal, you are very likely to ever put your life into danger; you will work at a cozy desk, assist attorneys or lawyers and work in the field of insurance, for instance. You will mostly need to work with papers and the people possessing these papers, but you will also bring your important contribution to the people in need.
There are, however, plenty of desk jobs in the law enforcement field, so you could opt for these, should your balance incline more on this side.
To become a federal executive branch paralegal and earn a medium of $58,540 or a legal assistant and make up to $46,120 on average, you are going to need at least an associate’s degree; get it in a year and a half or use your bachelors degree to enroll in a paralegal certificate program and get your certification in 6 months.
To enroll in the police academy, you are only going to need your high school diploma; getting a degree in legal studies will also do you tons of good later on. As a Probation Officer or Correctional Treatment Specialist you will be earning a medium of $41,525, according to PayScale.com; a police detective, you could earn up to $64,478. To see more lists of recession proof degrees, click here. These degrees offer stability in terms of job opportunities, so there is no need to worry.