How to Obtain an LEI?


It is simple to obtain an LEI (Legal Entity Identifier). From the list of LEI issuing organizations in the article below, contact your desired business partner. To know more about How to obtain an LEI click on the link.

The LEI issuing organization’s role

The LEI issuer, also known as the Numbering Authority (LOU), serves as a point of contact for legal organizations interested in obtaining an LEI by facilitating registration, renewal, and other services. LEIs can only be issued by entities that have been legally certified by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF). GLEIF analyses the appropriateness of an organization wishing to function as an LEI issuer within the global LEI system through accreditation.

Being a GLEIF-certified member of the Global LEI System demonstrates our dedication to data quality and customer service around the world. GLEIF aims to improve the quality, reliability, and use of LEI data, allowing market participants to take advantage of the wealth of information available in the LEI population. The following data quality reports are published by GLEIF every month:

  • Data Quality Reports for the Global LEI System: These reports indicate the current data quality attained by the Global LEI System.
  • Data Quality Reports from LEI Publishers: These reports detail the level of data quality attained by individual LEI issuing organizations.

The Legal Entity’s Role Identifier requesting an LEI

Legal entities do not have to utilize their own LEI issuer; they can use any LOU registration service that permits them to register for LEI within their approved jurisdiction. By jurisdiction, the table below shows all GLEIF-certified LEI issuers who provide LEI services. LEI issuers who have completed the GLEIF certification program in the applicable jurisdiction are certified LEI issuers. Select the appropriate country to see which LEI issuers are servicing in your target country.

LEIs are linked to key references that can be used to clearly and uniquely identify legal organizations involved in financial transactions. Through the self-registration process, a legal entity desiring to receive an LEI must give its LEI issuer accurate reference data, that is, the legal entity’s public information that can be identified by the LEI.

  • Information on the business card: The legal entity’s official name as well as its registered address This information is referred to as “level 1” data in the worldwide LEI system. This information answers the question of “who is who.”
  • Information on the relationship: If appropriate, information that permits the direct and ultimate parent companies of the legal entity to be identified. This data is referred to as “level 2” data.

After the local registration authority (such as the national business register) confirms the reference data, the LEI issuing organization must issue an LEI that meets the LEI standards. The cost of establishing and maintaining the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is entirely up to the LEI issuing body. The purpose of the Global LEI System is to promote competition among LEI issuing organizations.

The global LEI index is where each legal entity identifier (LEI) is issued. It is the world’s only open, standardized, and high-quality legal entity reference data source available online. Stakeholders can use GLEIF’s web-based LEI search tool to access and search the whole LEI data pool.

The Costs of Construction-Related Serious Injuries

Construction Accident Attorney

The more severe the injury, the more extensive and specialised medical care may be required to save the patient’s life and return him or her to maximum functional capacity. When injuries result in permanent disabilities such as paralysis, lifelong care may be required.

The expenses of catastrophic injuries vary significantly between individuals and families. However, numerous studies have estimated that the medical expenses associated with care immediately following a catastrophic accident might easily exceed six figures, if not more.

These medical bills cover only the care required immediately following a major injury. They do not include the expenditures of treatment, rehabilitation, or ongoing medical needs, such as the assistance of a caretaker when an individual is unable to perform fundamental living functions due to an injury. Additionally, they exclude costs like lost wages, the cost of replacing goods damaged in the accident, and the pain and suffering incurred by the injured party.

To ensure that any settlement in your case adequately compensates you for your losses, it is prudent to consult with a North Carolina personal injury attorney who is familiar with the complexity of workplace injury cases.

Why Should You Hire a Construction Accident Attorney?

When you hire the services of law firms or attorneys, they provide you with the experienced representation necessary to obtain the recompense you deserve.

Construction sites are hectic locations, with a general contractor and numerous subcontractors frequently working concurrently. Attorneys can conduct an investigation into your construction accident and identify any parties who may be liable for your injuries. If the accident was caused by a contractor or someone other than your company or coworkers, you may have a legal right to sue them for damages in addition to getting workers’ compensation benefits from your own employer.

Here are some examples of what to expect from attorneys:

  • A thorough investigation of the construction accident is necessary to identify all possibly responsible parties, including makers of risky construction tools and equipment, as well as other employers and subcontractors on the job site.
  • The insurance firms representing each potentially liable party in an accident are identified.
  • Collaborate with professionals in the construction industry to rebuild the construction accident and demonstrate how negligence contributed to the accident and your injuries.
  • Employ financial experts to assess your future medical expenditures and lost income in the event of a catastrophic injury that prevents you from returning to work or generating the same income in the future.
  • Aggressively negotiate with insurance carriers to obtain fair reimbursement that accurately reflects the entire scope of your current and future losses.
  • Completely prepare your lawsuit for trial, if necessary.

When you are injured at work, you are likely to be entitled to workers’ compensation payments; however, in some circumstances, you may also be able to pursue compensation from the at-fault party through a personal injury claim.

An experienced Indianapolis construction accident attorney to investigate what happened is one of the most essential decisions you will have to make after suffering a major injury in a construction accident. This choice could have a huge impact on your financial recovery as well as the future of your loved ones.

The amount of compensation that may be sought, as well as whether or not punitive damages are appropriate, will be determined by the unique facts of your construction injuries. It is the attorney’s goal to secure the highest compensation possible to assist you to move forward following a terrible accident.

Legal Actions to Take When Involved in A Truck Accident

Truck Accident

Truck accidents are not as common as regular vehicular accidents however, they tend to be more serious and have more damaging outcomes to both lives and property. Various factors contribute to truck accidents. Most times it is a combination of so many errors. It could be that the truck had developed a mechanical fault before or after hitting the road. The driver could have been going above the speed limit, maneuvered poorly, and failed to break on time. An overloaded truck, bad weather, a blind spot, distractions like answering the phone or texting, driver fatigue, a sudden illness, and even the carelessness of other road users is more than enough to set a ghastly accident in motion. In the event of an unfortunate truck accident, there are certain legal actions to take to ensure that one is indemnified and can increase the potential of pursuing a successful personal injury claim.

Call The Police

A police report or lack of one can make or mar a compensation claim. Involving law enforcement establishes transparency and credibility. Provide them with as much information as possible is able and obtain a copy of the police report once they have made one. It establishes legal documentation of the incident and ensures accurate maintenance of the facts leading up to the accident. Also, take account of the vehicles and people involved in the accident and call for an ambulance if they are injured.

Avoid Oversharing

For instance, one could ask ‘What if I was at Fault in a Truck Accident?’ the answer to this is simple. Do not say more than is necessary especially when your lawyer is absent. In a bid to provide information on the incident, be careful not to overshare. As this could lead to self-implication. A lot of victims have lost their cases because of a statement that contradicted or implicated them and even diminished the culpability of the person responsible. Instead, look for personal injury lawyers and only share data with them offering advice.

Seek Medical Attention

If injured seek medical attention as soon as possible. It is impossible to be examined and treated for sustained injuries and also acquire a medical report to back claims of physical harm. A medical report goes a long way in proving that the sustained injuries were a direct result of the accident. This in turn favors the injury claim.

Document And Gather Evidence from The Accident Scene

This is important especially if law enforcement has not arrived yet. If the victim is able, they should immediately begin to document every aspect of the accident. Take pictures of the vehicles from various angles. Get the contact information and statements of witnesses. Take note of road and weather conditions and keep it safe for the injury attorney. It will ensure that evidence is not tampered with or manipulated and help the attorney build the case.


There are so many other important actions to take when a truck accident occurs. These listed are the first and most important. Failure to take these necessary steps will not only compromise a pursuit for compensation. The delay can get the whole suit thrown out.

Your Truck Accident Claim Questions Answered

Truck Accident

Truck accidents can be tough experiences for all parties involved and when it comes to claiming for such accidents, it is a much more complex aspect of the law than a standard vehicle accident. With this in mind we are going to have a look into some of the most frequently asked questions regarding truck accidents and try to offer you some solutions to any queries which you may have surrounded this.

What if You Were at Fault?

You may be asking yourself ‘what if I was at fault in a Michigan truck accident’ and wondering whether you are able to still claim. The only time that this would be the case is if the accident fell under the banner of split liability. In this kind of situation, it would have to be proven that there was shared culpability between you and the driver of the truck. If this cannot be proven then you will be considered as liable, and you will not be able to make a claim.

How is Compensation Decided?

When it comes to deciding on how much compensation must be paid to the victim, the courts will look into two main factors. The calculation of compensation will come down to which area of the body was injured, and how severe the injury was. There are 5 levels of injury severity and medical professionals will assist the courts in identifying which category the victim’s injury falls under.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

In the large majority of truck accident cases, it is the driver of the truck or the driver of the vehicle who is most commonly at fault. Fault could come down to speeding, dangerous driving or an impaired driver. In fewer cases we see that the fault is that of the trucking company which may have poorly maintained vehicles, or which has made mistakes in loading the truck, resulting in the injury.

Is There a Crime?

In most cases where the driver is at fault, there is not a crime attached to this, as careless driving is not in itself a crime. With this being said however is a driver is impaired because of drugs or alcohol, or if they do not have a license, they can certainly be charged with a crime.

Does Jackknifing Mean There is No Liability?

This is a common myth which we hear regarding these accidents, that if a truck has jackknifed it means there is no guilt. If the truck has found itself in this position because the driver was looking to avoid an accident, then there will be no liability there. If however this has been caused because of reckless driving, then there will certainly be a case to answer. There are no guarantees in this area of the law because of the fact that every case is different.

Any more questions you may have, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments below and we will try and answer them for you.

The Litigation Arena

Legal issues can get really nasty. Therefore, get your money’s worth by getting proper legal guidance from Family Law Attorneys Fort Worth to manage risks seamlessly and get services from out notable lawyers. It is always better to be safe than sorry, as a bad legal conflict can leave a mark in the affairs of your lifetime.

A Productive Attorney

Some most prominent and notable figures that contributed significantly to the justice system are always from notable institutions that teach the highest levels of moral code and ethics. The rigorous training makes an attorney insightful and a very powerful attorney.

Family Law

Not only do they take on very high-profile cases that are comprised of death penalty cases and homicides, but some also chip into or are incentivized to take on pro bono cases of any social cause. This is to provide legal assistance to citizens at random who cannot afford an attorney so that they can also experience the quality of a high-profile attorney at no cost.

There are many people who are bound by very costly and sensitive cases. If not for the moral codes taught to the candidates of the justice system, things would be very difficult for citizens of low incomes.

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

The legal system has its dynamics and offers incredible flexibility in the form of LPO. LPOs are becoming commonplace in the UK, and especially the United States where law firms are assisted by third-party candidates. This is becoming increasingly popular today as LPOs are known to be better equipped to handle legal issues and mitigate risks related to company data to mitigate risks.

In-house lawyers claim that LPOs are geared with advanced technical knowledge and risk analytics given the staggering increase of expenditure on LPO’s over the last five years by US and UK law firms.

Learn to Protect Yourself

It is in your best interest that you are represented by an expert attorney to make lawsuits less difficult e.g. a personal injury lawyer. Such lawyers may offer to take on various cases of client harm such as medical malpractice, accidents, or inflicted trauma.

However, it is a no brainer that you have to hire someone who is licensed to practice law in your state of residence and also check the areas of your attorney’s specialty and track records based on your case before you dive into an engagement.

Furthermore, when you look for a law firm to represent you, it is necessary to do a little background check on what the firm specializes in and if the company has strong grounds when it comes to high-quality legal services to clients.

This will legitimize the facts about a firm regarding the reputation it holds. It is in your best interest to look into the use of technological tools at law firms and if they have updated knowledge to protect you against litigation or worse yet, getting subpoenaed.

Bottom Line

The legal system is an omnipresent set of rules and regulations that citizens are expected to abide by. It is an assertion of the rights of people that make up society. However, a few regulations can differ depending on geography, stated by the by-laws, but the legal system of all countries is restricted to moral judgments and ethical outcomes.

To Hire a Lawyer, or Save Costs?

As a startup founder or business owner, the hunch you have about seeking legal advice over some issue is probably a clear indication that hiring a lawyer is necessary. However, there is also the financial burden that comes with securing the services of a competent business attorney. The costs might make you have a rethink and brush off the hunch altogether.

But trust me, the future of your business or startup sits in the libra hinged on the decisions you make regarding legal matters. This article will help you attain legal security for your business while reducing the accompanying costs to the barest minimum; so, come along!

Identify the present legal needs of your business entity

If your business is well on the way and gets sued by either the government or private entities; then, the services of a competent full-time business attorney would be required – at least for the period the suite lasts. The bills for the high of such qualified counsels are usually huge and might have to be covered by insurance.

But as a startup, contracting a lawyer for legal advice from the very onset is likely to save the business from any future lawsuits, which in my opinion, is relatively cheaper.

Get some legal and managerial education

No, I do not mean having to apply for a full-time MBA or law practice. But as a business startup founder, it is crucial for you to know at least sketchy details of business law and how to do general documentations. Though business attorneys will have to handle the significant legal activities, the founder or business owner should not be ignorant of the legal implications of actions and inactions of their business entity.

Here are some tasks that an average business owner (startups mainly) should be able to perform without having to hire a lawyer:

1.Sketching a business proposal

Any individual with an average level of education and access to the internet should be able to craft a good business plan; without having to run off – to find legal assistance.

2.Develop the basic brand model for the business

As a business grows, employing the services of a brand manager is likely to become inevitable. But the onus lies on the business owner or founder to ensure there are no trademark, name, or domain name conflicts.

3.Application for Incorporation

During the process of obtaining a license of incorporation, regulatory bodies provide the pros and cons obtainable with all available business structures. So, there is a need to decide the best fit of organizational structure for present realities and prospects of the company and accordingly applied for by the entrepreneur. It as easy as getting a driver’s license; such does not require the headache of hiring an attorney.

4.Keeping your tax records straight

It might be necessary to routinely get a lawyer to check your tax records as a paid package that includes other consultative activities. But a business owner should be able to ensure prompt remittance of tax and appropriate bookkeeping, either personally (for startups) or in the proxy (for large corporations).

Melissa Sugar Attorney Has Extensive Knowledge in the Legal Field

Melissa Sugar attorney started her career as an assistant State Attorney in Clearwater, Florida. She worked there for about four years and got the best trial experience. Her training gave her the confidence to become one of the most powerful female attorneys in Louisiana. From 1996 to 2002, she worked as an assistant district attorney for Desoto Parish. She successfully prosecuted hundreds of felonies including Capital murder. She sustained a death penalty verdict for a high profile case, State v/s Michael Taylor and State v/s Timothy Taylor. Melissa Sugar attorney was the Chief Assistant District Attorney for Bossier Parish from 2002-2006. She was in charge of all violent crimes and tried about 20 homicides and was successful in each trial. One of her high profile cases was State of La. Vs Jocelyn Dooley. The case gained national media attention and she was extensively interviewed for nationally aired television show called -Snapped-. Melissa Sugar attorney has also been featured several times in SB Magazine’s annual Top Attorney’s Edition.

Melissa Sugar attorney graduated from Ole Miss in 1988. After taking a year off between college and law school, she began law school in 1989 with a full academic scholarship. In the year 1992, she graduated Cum Laude with a 3.4 G.P.A from Thomas M. Cooley Law School with honors on the top 5% of her graduating class. She has been listed in Who’s Who of Law Students and was graduated at number 6 out of 143 students. While attending law school, she was accepted for a clinic program called The Sixty Plus, Inc. Elder Law Clinic, which is a two-term in-house, live client, nationally award-winning clinic providing quality free legal assistance to senior citizens in Michigan. Melissa Sugar attorney was the only student to participate in an extension of the Sixty Plus Inc. Elder Law Clinic and she was asked to remain for a third term of the Medicare Part Three cases for clients and to draft proposed amendments of the Medicare Part C Plan for presentation to the Michigan State Legislation. She was also accepted to attend a semester of law school through the Tulane Law School on the Greek Isles.

Melissa Sugar attorney also supports a number of charitable organizations such as St. Jude’s Cancer Research and the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit.

Recent Legal Industry Survey Reveals In-house Counsel Expect To See Lpo Industry Expand

According to the newly published survey, “Future of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), 87% of in-house counsel noted that it is more difficult to manage legal risks related to company data than compared to five years ago. Additionally, 69% of those surveyed say they have seen an increase in spending on managing legal risk and compliance over the last five years. The survey was conducted by UK legal journal Legal Business in partnership with Clutch Group in December 2013 and received responses from over 200 senior in-house lawyers in the UK, Asia, and the US.

The Legal Business survey also revealed that LPOs have a large role to play in helping companies tackle large data and help companies mitigate risk. Highlights of the survey include:

*80% of respondents say they expect to see the Legal Process Outsourcing industry expand and improve its services over the next five years.
*58% of respondents say that LPOs and law firms need to work together on compliance and risk matters.
*37% of in-house lawyers say that LPOs are better equipped than law firms to use advanced technology and to use data and risk analytics.
*In-house counsel are using LPOs primarily for investigations and due diligence exercises; general litigation support and eDiscovery are close seconds.
*The UK LPO market is less developed than the US: 38% of UK-based respondents say they have used LPOs for legal work, compared to 50% in the US.
*An increase in the level of civil litigation is seen as the biggest driver behind rising legal costs. Greater scrutiny from regulators is close behind.

According to Alex Novarese, Legal Business’ Editor-in-Chief, “Our survey demonstrates the tremendous challenges and pressure facing today’s in-house counsel. From rising costs to exponential growths in data, in-house counsel are looking for efficient and cost-effective strategies to manage these new realities. If alternative providers can satisfy blue-chip clients – and a sizeable group of clients report that they do – they will keep moving up the value chain.”

These survey results and comments are in line with a number of expert predications that the next five years will see new market disrupters that begin to change the fundamental nature of legal service delivery. These new LPOs will not just focus on lowering the cost of legal services, but will try to reinvent the model altogether. There will be continued experimentation in developing new platforms for delivering legal services that will allow in-house counsel to focus on high level advisory work rather than routine assignments work. In all, the future looks bright for the LPO industry.

Check more info about: Legal Conferences in New York And Twitter – Global Outsourcing Association of Laywers

Things to Look For When Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing a personal injury attorney is a very important decision. Hiring a personal injury lawyer who is a good match for you as a client will make the process of conducting a lawsuit less difficult, for client and attorney alike. A personal injury attorney may specialize in one area of personal injury law or may practice law generally. For example, an auto accident lawyer may specialize only in cases dealing with injuries resulting from automobile accidents. Alternatively, a personal injury lawyer could specialize in something as specific as medical malpractice, and thus only take cases against doctors or medical professionals. Keep the list below in mind when choosing a personal injury or auto accident lawyer to represent you:

1. Make sure the attorney is licensed to practice in your state
This one seems self-explanatory but is very important. Attorneys are licensed to practice law in a given state by the bar association in that state. An attorney who is not licensed to practice in the state in which the lawsuit arises cannot represent you. Be sure to double check in which states the attorney is licensed to practice law and make sure your state is listed.

2. Check the lawyer’s specialty
Depending on the nature of your claim, check with the attorney with respect to what his/her specialty is. If you have a slip and fall case, ask your attorney how many cases like yours he/she has taken and what the outcomes were. If your lawyer has never taken that type of case, you may want to look elsewhere or seek out a specialist.

3. Take notice of your attorney’s personality
This one is less obvious and is often overlooked when choosing a lawyer. Lawsuits take an extremely long time to conduct, often stretching over multiple years. That means that you as a client are going to have a large amount of contact with your attorney over the course of the lawsuit. Make sure you have an understanding over the amount and frequency of things like follow-up calls and meetings to avoid client dissatisfaction.

4. Good bar standing
Check your attorney’s peer ratings on any reputable attorney rating website. Check with your state bar association to ensure that your lawyer is in good standing with no disciplinary proceedings against them.

5. Fee agreements
Make sure you have a clear understanding of how the lawyer collects his/her fees BEFORE engaging the lawyer for representation. Lawyers have very different ways of charging clients from retainers to contingency agreements so check with your lawyer to see how he/she charges and whether their method is acceptable to you.

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